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Jackie Jeter
Jackie L. Jeter
President ATU Local 689


Hello, welcome to the online headquarters of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689. ATU Local 689 prides itself as being a driving force of service and commitment in Metropolitan Washington area. We pledge to get you – our members, allies, and publ


February 7, 2014

WMATA has informed the Local due to a technical glitch the DUES CREDIT has not been processed.

We are working to resolve the issue for March.

ic – to your destination safely and efficiently.

Local 689, as the recognized voice for transit workers in the nation’s capitol and our expanding region, invites you to share your opinions and suggestions.

ATU Local 689 provides this updated web presence to assure access to our members and customers. Our website aims to reach a diverse constituency. Retirees as well as current active transit employees can remain informed of the latest development and trends. All of the services, benefits and important information are at your fingertips. I hope you find the site useful and look forward to working with you to keep mass transit working for all of us!

Jackie Jeter
Jackie Jeter



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2nd Annual Kiddie Prom

Saturday, May 17, 2014

ATU Local 689 Union Hall

Time: 2:00PM - 6:00PM

2701 WhitneyPl, Forestville,MD 20747

Brought to you by Today's Women Caucus - ATU Local 689

$10.00 Kids (2-13)

$5.00 Adults

For Tickets contact:

Julia Lee (301) 775-6494

Francine Bidgell (240) 893-2286

Darlene Best (301) 848-7229

Beth Page (571) 235-0489

Click for Flyer

November 19, 2013

Stand In Solidarity with Walmart Workers Seeking Family Sustaining Wages and Decent Working Conditions

For a list of Walmart Black Friday protests visit:

As hundreds/thousands of Walmart workers prepare for a busy “Black Friday” shopping season, the Maryland State and District of Columbia AFL-CIO applauds their courage and stands in solidarity with these brave workers and their families who have been demonstrating for a fair wage and better working conditions.

Walmart is the symbol of rising economic inequality in America. The large corporation made $17 billion in profits this year, but pays its employees poverty wages: 825,000 of their employees make less than $25,000 a year, trapping them and their families in a state of economic insecurity. A job shouldn’t trap workers in poverty. It should lift them out of it.

Fred D. Mason, Jr., President of the Maryland State and District of Columbia AFL-CIO that represents nearly 350,000 workers, says that: Our entire community needs to raise the issue of shared and sustainable prosperity wherever we are: at work or school, in our church, mosque or synagogues, and at the dinner table. America can be better and our major corporations have a role to play in helping to lift people out of poverty.”

If Walmart raised wages, it would increase its employees’ purchasing power, create more jobs and improve the economy. Instead, Walmart workers are forced to rely on billions in annual government assistance to survive while the wealth of the six Walmart heirs is greater than the combined wealth of 42% of American families. It’s not good for our community or our economy that the Walton family and Walmart’s well-paid corporate executives are padding their pockets while hundreds of thousands of Walmart workers are struggling to support their families.

The working families of Maryland and the District of Columbia recognize that low labor standards anywhere affect labor standards everywhere and strongly support the workers’ request to earn a living wage. The Maryland State and District of Columbia AFL-CIO is calling on the corporate giant to pay all its workers at least $25,000 annually to provide their families a chance to escape low wages and a life of poverty. The company can certainly afford it.

Close Call Reporting

ATU Local 689 Rail or IT integrated network technicians

For the saftey of our members and the public

The US Department of Transportation's, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, has an online tutorial to walk you through the process of confidentially reporting unsafe conditions. If you would like to use the new confidential reporting system but not sure how it works, click the link below.

Close Call Reporting

Close Call Reporting gives us an opportunity to address safety concerns before they become reoccurring or fatal. It only works if you participate.

Contact your shop steward or the Local Office if you need additional information.


Your Job is at Risk

DC Politicians are proposing to hand the keys of WMATA buses to a private foreign company. This company would operate the expansion of the Circulator and the street car, together with some of the bus routes that we are now operating that are contained within the District of Columbia. At these private companies the bottom line comes first, workers and service take a back seat. As we have encountered with other service being outsourced in the past, this change in operational management will negatively affect you and your family by:

• Cutting your wages and benefits,

• Changing your pension plan to a contribution plan

• Threatening your safety on the job by cutting corners on maintenance issues

Our Jobs, our livelihood and our future at stake.

We need you to be “IN!” for the Local 689 campaign to fight privatization at WMATA. It’s more important than ever.

Download flyers for more info now:

10 Reasons Why Transit Privatization is Bad

I'm in with Local 689

Circulator Privatization Map

(download adobe acrobat reader)


Member Khalilah Denney, who works in Health & Welfare, is asking members to share their experiences with the sleep apnea machine. If you are willing to take a short survey please contact Mrs. Denney at


2nd Annual Kiddie Prom

Saturday, May 17, 2014

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Contact Roland Jeter to assist the Local in Legislative issues

Membership Meetings

All Local 689 Members please come join us the 1st Tuesday 8:00PM & Wednesday 10:00AM every month for our Union Meetings at the Local Hall.

I'm In Local 689
MAT (Mobilization Action Team)

Campaign to stop the privatization of WMATA bus lines
Contact the Local office to see what you can do. Meetings held 2nd Saturday every month. Come join us


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If a member of ATU Local 689 passes away, please notify the Union Hall (301-568-6899) so that a representative from the Benevolent Committee can attend the services to acknowledge the member.