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On January 19th, 1916, the Amalgamated Association of Street and Electric Railway Employees of America granted a “Certificate of Affiliation to National Capital Local Division 689 of Washington, D.C.  Although today we are simply known as the Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 689, we are anything but simple.  Our history is deep and we are richly woven into the fabric of the Metropolitan Washington area.

Today, our organization is comprised of more than 10,000 members.  We are 2,500 retired and 7,500 active professional men and women performing occupations within the many skilled transportation crafts. From operators to mechanics, we provide a dependable alternative which is public transit.
As members of the International Amalgamated Transit Union, we are the third largest local union in North America and Canada. We represent members through negotiated contracts which allow us to provide some of the most progressive benefits for all of our members.

Our forefathers have worked very hard to build an active, progressive, political local union that addresses the many issues facing our members as we move forward.  Although, we have made many gains from the days of constant strikes to secure benefits in 1945 to successfully having the full benefit of binding arbitration in 1956, we must continued to grow through diversity and strength. We have seen the hiring of the first African American operators in 1955 and watched the election of our first African-American President in 1983 with pride and enthusiasm. We have been the movers and shakers in the entire transit industry moving forward to provide better service and protection for transit workers.

Browse through the pages of our website and read the history of our great organization and feel the same pride that we do when we say that we belong to ATU Local 689

About UNIONS: Common misconceptions

It’s no secret: Not everyone sees unions as key to rebuilding America and the middle class. It’s easy to tune out the misinformation about unions and the workers who make them strong when you hear it on the news, but what should you do when the same misinformation comes from your friends and family? We’re here to help with some simple facts so you can speak up the next time you encounter someone attacking unions, and help shed light on what unions are really all about!


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